26 November 2022

The Mezzalama Trophy will take place on 22 April

The Mezzalama Trophy will take place on 22 April

The 2022/2023 season of La Grande Course started in Milan with the official presentation of the 23rd Mezzalama Trophy.  Mezzalama Trophy, which is about to celebrate 90 years of history, was born in 1933 and is the only race in the world to take place on the perennial glaciers of Monte Rosa, crossing three four-thousand-metre peaks, the summit of Castore (4126 m), the Nose of the Lyskamm and the Roccia della Scoperta (4177 m). The kilometres of this incredible traverse, from Breuil-Cervinia to Gressoney La Trinité, are 45, while the total ascent alone is 3272 metres. 

"Next 22nd April, we will have to reckon with the conditions of the glacier," began Favre. "After last winter, which was very poor in precipitation, and a torrid summer, the glacier is severe with very little snow and many stretches of green ice. We hope that in the coming months the snowfall will somehow improve the situation, in any case the route will not be changed. As already planned in 2019,' continued Favre, 'instead of starting the descent towards Gressoney as soon as they have crossed the Naso, from an altitude of 3900 metres, the athletes will ascend on skis towards the Colle del Lys to the Roccia della Scoperta (4177 m). This route follows the Mezzalama of 1978, recalling the exploit of the seven mountaineers from Gressoney who in 1778 reached this small rocky islet emerging from the glaciers between Aosta Valley and Valais. We didn't make any major changes to the regulations,' ended the technical director. 'On the advice of Emrik Favre and François Cazzanelli, we decided to include an ice screw in the compulsory equipment. A fundamental tool for securing oneself on the ice in case of danger".

The new feature of the next edition was told by the mountain guides Emrik Favre and François Cazzanelli. "Next 22nd April," said François Cazzanelli, "the Mezzalama Jeunes will be run alongside the Mezzalama Trophy. The young athletes are the future of ski mountaineering, which is the reason why we want the day of the race to be a moment of celebration and joy for them, together with all the other Mezzalama athletes, welcomed by the warmth of the public at the finish line".

Emirk Favre, on the other hand, spoke about an initiative concerning the ski clubs. "We know how much effort there is behind the organisation of a youth team," said Favre, "and based on this assumption we had the idea of giving a cash prize to the ski club that will rank the highest number of athletes.

Registration will open at on 4th February 2023.

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