By far the most spectacular and prestigious of Alpine races. Six world-famous events, six classic races for true ski-mountaineering gourmets. The world’s top runners, the entire skimo community, a uniquely enthusiastic public, in some of the loveliest and most breathtaking locations in the Alps. It is here that the word ski-mountaineering takes on its true significance. Steep slopes, vertical couloirs and technically challenging descents are the basic ingredients of this sport. Team spirit and tow-rope camaraderie play a very important role: in fact, there is no individual racing in this competition and each race is run by teams of two or three athletes. Only the overall Grande Course time classification is individual, so competitors can race each event with any companion they choose, regardless of nationality.  
The Grande Course sets out to be one big family, and possessing a “Carte Grande Course” is by now a must for both athletes and mountain lovers in general.

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 International Ski Mountaineering Federation

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