To give a prospect of participation to the greatest number of athletes in one of the current events and "reward" the constant and assiduous athletes who bring ski mountaineering to life, La Grande Course is launching the circuit of "Affiliated races".

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Valerette Altiski

Valerette Altiski
20/01/2024 - Massongex (Swiss)
Length: 16km - Average elevation per day: 2150m

Skimountaineering individual race / Swiss Cup / Swiss Championship / CAS Youth Cup
Valerette Altiski is a skimountaineering race which takes place in the area of Dent de Valerette (2059 mt), Pin de Sucre and Pointe de l'Erse. The resort, which lies at the foot of Dent-du-Midi mountain, is one of the most coveted and appreciated by skimountaineering lovers. In this area an important race belonging to the swiss cup is organized every two years. Valerette Altiski is an individual race which attracts many racers thanks to a technical, rapid and very varied course, delighting many great champions of this sport. Among the most celebrated names in the roll of honor of this race we find the spanish champion Kilian Jornet who won here his first world cup competition in the élite category and who defined this race as “the small Grand Mont of Pierra Menta”. It is worth to mention also Laetitia Roux, Florent Perrier, Didier Blanc and Alexis Sevennec. And these are just the most recent names in a thirty years old history!


La Belle Etoile

La Belle Etoile
27-28/01/2024 - Les 7 Laux France - 28-29/01/2023
Length: 50 km - Average elevation per day: 2250m

Since 1995 the competition named La Belle Etoile is organized in the french resort of 7 Laux, in Isère Valley. Team race based on the mutual support between teammates and on the experience of the skimountaineers who will ski along the breathtaking landscapes of Belledonne peak fully respecting the environnment. For many years this race, which attracts every year more than 300 athletes, has been an important support for the french championship by team.
The organizing committee of the race is composed of 2 ski clubs of Grenoble, Team Isère Montagne (TIM) and Dauphiné Ski Alpinisme (DSA).



27/01/2024 - Les Marécottes (Swiss)
Length: 17km - Average elevation per day: 2110m

The edition 2022 of Alpiniski will take place in Les Marécottes on Saturday 5th February. The race by teams of 2 or 3 racers will be a stage of the swiss cup, of Grand Prix Pellissier Sport and affiliated race of La Grande Course. We will expect around 800 national and international athletes who will have the chance to enjoy our marvellous Vallée du Trient.


La Grande Trace

La Grande Trace
07/01/2024 - région de Gap (France) 
Length: 20km - Average elevation per day: 2500m

La Grande Trace is the most ancient skimountaineering race in France (1983). This competition takes place in Dévoluy area, in a wild and calcareous mountain, wiht several sections in the “chourums” , a sort of caves. La Grande Trace, far away from the pistes, is extremely wild and technical with a frequent use of crampons and longes.



Alpago (Italy)
Length: 32km - Average elevation per day: 3500m

Long distance classic skimountaineering race on the border mountains between Veneto (Alpago) and Friuli Venezia Giulia (Piancavallo). Transcavallo is a race by teams of 2 athletes. In 2017 the venue hosted the ISMF Ski Mountaineering World Championships.


Patrouille de la Maya

Patrouille de la Maya
03/03/2024 - Saint-Martin (Swiss)
Length: 21km - Average elevation per day: 1850m

Patrouille de la Maya is a ski mountaineering race by teams of 3 racers which takes place every two years (even years) in Saint-Martin, central Valais. Two loop courses winding on the steep slopes of Val d'Hérens and Vallon de Réchy in a 100% natural landscape, free of ski facilities! Next edition on the 6th March 2022 (1200 athletes)!


Défi des Faverges

Défi des Faverges
16/03/2024 - Swiss
Length: 30km - Average elevation per day: 2850m

Défi des Faverges was born in 1996 and this year, on the 19th March 2022 it celebrates its 14th edition. During the first edition skimountaineering had not yet reached the popularity it gets nowadays and therefore it adressed mainly the true lovers of skimountaineering. Since its first edition, with more than 500 participants, it was immediately successful. At present Défi des Faverges offers three different courses: Easy Défi (1300 m. / 15 km), Petit Défi (2000 m. / 23 km) and Grand Défi (2900 m. / 30 km).
The competition takes place on Crans-Montana mountains with 2/3 of the course, in its first part, outside of the skiing resort (Grand Défi). Défi des Faverges is a biennial sport event carried out one month before the renowned Patrouille des Glaciers. For many racers this event is the last real training in teams of three athletes ahead of this important sport race of the swiss winter.
Défi des Faverges is mainly a popular race which attracts a huge number of skimountaineering true lovers who dream of being able to compete once in their life in one of the stages of La Grande Course.



Marmotta Trophy
02/2024 - Martello (Italy)
Length: 18,5km - Average elevation per day: 1810m

Top skimountaineering race organized in the high mountains in the hearth of Stelvio National Park. The competition will take place in Val Martello, a lateral valley belonging to Venosta Valley in the west part of South Tyrol. Val Martello is a real paradise for skimountaineers, free of ski facilities, nestled in Ortles-Cevedale mountain chain. The race is carried out every year at the end of February – beginning of March. All along the organization and mainly during the weekend race, Val Martello  is completely focused on Marmotta Trophy which means sport, snow, nature, unique landscapes, sustainability and much more....



17-18/02/2024 - Jenner (Germany)

The Jennerstier, organized by the DAV section Berchtesgaden, is known as a top event for ski mountaineers.
The alpine and difficult route with impressive views of Watzmann and the Königsee attract more and more participants from home and abroad every year.
Since the Jennerstier was held for the first time in 2006, the ski touring race has become a classic in the Alpine region.
The Jennerstier is a station of the Alpen Cup and the venue for the German Individual Championship.
In 2020 the ISMF World Cup in ski mountaineering took place in Germany on Jenner.


Cima d'Asta

Cima d'Asta
Trento (Italy)
Length: 30km - Average elevation per day: 3200m

The extreme course has been prepared to celebrate the 30th edition of our race. Ski Team Lagorai Tesino A.S.D. is working hard in order to organize the event in the best way.
The organizers would like to offer a unique course, with some new parts, which will lead the racers to the top of the highest mountain of Lagorai, at 2847 m of Cima d'Asta. The race will cross some of the historical and most famous skimountaineering tracks in this area.
The idea is to provide a 30 km course with a 3200 m of positive difference in height....a fascinating and technical race which will attracts on our mountains a great number of people, both athletes and supporters.
Among ridges equipped with fixed ropes and foot parts to be done with crampons on, our race will be a real ski moutaineering race....a real affiliated race to La Grande Course.

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