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Double celebration for Michele Boscacci & Axelle Mollaret who also won La Grande Course
After the successful Altitoy Ternua, Pierra Menta and Millet Tour du Rutor Extrême, the La Grande Course circuit finished in style with a record-breaking Patrouille des Glaciers... Numerous course records were shattered at the finishing line in Verbier: with the men’s, women’s and junior female records all falling. In this picturesque location the La Grande Course trophy was lifted by the Italian and Michele Boscacci and Axelle Mollaret from France. Theirs was a truly extraordinary season with victories in both the world cup, and “Great Classics” circuit.
The other places on the LGC podium were claimed by Matteo Eydallin, Nadir Maguet, Jennifer Fiechter and Katia Tomatis.
But let’s look at each race in turn, starting with the sensational course record set by CS Esercito. This record was earned metre after metre by the trio comprising Michele Boscacci, Matteo Eydallin and Robert Antonioli.    
Colonnello Mosso’s champs travelled the 53 km separating Zermatt from the Finish line in Verbier in 5h35’27”, shattering a Swiss record that had stood since 2012. This was the first triumph for Antonioli, but the second for Eydallin and Boscacci, who had won back in 2014 alongside Damiano Lenzi. They were joined on the Pdg podium by the “local boys” Martin Anthamatten, Rémi Bonnet and Werner Marti (5h45’28”). William Bon Mardion, Jakob Herrmann and Xavier Gachet (5h31’38”) were third. The fourth spot went to Manfred Reichegger, Nadir Maguet and Davide Magnini (6h10’09”), while Yannick Ecoeur, Andreas Steindl and Iwan Arnold (6h10’55”) were fifth.
There was another record in the ladies’ race, with the victory by Jennifer Fiechter, Axelle Mollaret and Laetitia Roux in a time of 7h15’34”. Séverine Pont Combe, Victoria Kreuzer and Katia Tomatis were second in 7h31’11”, while Johanna Erhart, Veronika Mayerhofer and Malene Blikken Haukoy (8h27’37”) came in third.
The other record was set in the espoir race on a course beginning at Arolla, by winners Déborah Chiarello, Marianne Fatton and Florance Buchs.

Rank La Grande Course 2017/2018 Men

Rank La Grande Course 2017/2018 Women

Awaiting the season grand finale with the super 53km marathon (4000m D+) which, starting from the centre of Zermatt, will take about 1700 athletes to the finish line in Verbier, today Patrouille des Glaciers gives space to new generation.
In true PdG style, more than 300 youngsters donned their boots and latched on their skis to animate a great morning for sports. Some in racing gear with ultra-light material, others more stoic with touring gear left at 8:30 AM with a smile on their faces and intent on having fun. Various runs await them, the longest dedicated to juniors includes a 1000m ascent spread over three different climbs. The second includes a part on foot packing skis in backpacks to make the race even more exciting.  
The results:
Malaurie Mattana and Giorgio Felicetti dominated over Melanie Ploner – David Clémence and Caroline Ulrich –Valentine Gallaz in the junior race.  For the men, Kilian Granger and Maxime Tromebet enforced the survival of the fittest. Esteban Ciferman – Bastien Flammier and André Baravex – Davide Cosolvich also took their places on the podium.  
For cadets, Robin Bussard – Thomas Bussard outranked Julien Jaquet – Louis Bétrisey and Léo Besson – Tobias Donnet. For women, Lucie Degrada and Romaine Masserey lead the pack. Following close behind were Marie Farquet – Perrine Maret and Caroline Corthay – Emma Meilland

Classifiche Grande Course Jeunes


No manoeuvring, no pre-race tactics:  it’s time to pull out all the stops in the attempt to win the most sought-after of all skimo trophies, that of the great classic races. The top teams are training at altitude to find their last reserves of energy, get focussed and finish the season on a high. From Thursday 19 (junior competition) to Saturday 21 (senior competition), it promises to be a real emotional roller coaster. According to the current rankings, the top spots in the 2017/2018 ranking are being monopolised by the Italians, with Michele Boscacci firmly in the lead with 1116 points. In second and third place are the other athletes from the Italian Alpine corps, Matteo Eydallin (947) and Nadir Maguet (863). They are followed by Filippo Beccari and Damiano Lenzi.    

In the women’s race, French ski-mountaineer Axelle Mollaret is head and shoulders above the rest of the field, with a total of 1142 points. Then, also in the running for a place on the podium, we have Jennifer Fiechter (970) from Switzerland and the Italian athlete Katia Tomatis (942).  Laetitia Roux (770) from France and Alba De Silvestro (742) from Italy are also in the top five.

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